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Our campsite is accessible for camping equipment up to 8 meters in length, including drawbar (caravan).

Info reservation calendar below: a green field means that there is still a place available, this does not automatically mean that there are still many places available. if you need several places at the same time, you can either make a reservation per place or send us an email. If you see a green period and suddenly a red stripe, that means that there is no room left in this category that night. The calendar is fully in accordance with the actual availability at our campsite.

From April 2, 2021 we have fixed arrival and departure days on Monday and Friday.

The options are as follows:
  • Long weekend from Friday to Monday 
  • From Monday to Friday 
  • Week from Friday to Friday 
  • Week from Monday to Monday
And all combinations between them, taking into account departure and arrival on Monday or Friday.